Fund Objective: The investment objective of the Company in respect of the Fund is to achieve consistent appreciation of capital in the medium to long term and recurrent income with volatility as low as possible.

  • Fund Name:  Total Return Income Fund Segregated Portfolio USD- Class B Shares
  • Asset Class:  Debt
  • Style:  Total return
  • Sector:  Government/Corporate
  • Rating Class:  Investment-grade
  • Maturity Band Focus:   Intermediate (2-10 years)
  • Geographic Focus:  US & EU
  • ISIN Number:  KYG5223M1042
  • Custodian: UBS AG
  • Auditors: KPMG



  • from -30% to +130% invested in fixed income products and cash & cash-like products, the average duration can be at a minimum of  -5 years when -30% invested  to a maximum of 15 years when 130% invested, but most if the time will hover around 4 years



  • Average credit rating is A or better. However at least 93% of all invested  assets are rated investment-grade (BBB-) or above.
  • AAA – government sector: no limit
  • AA – government sector: 30%
  • AAA & AA – non-government sector: 15%
  • A & below issuers: 10%
  • Below investment grade: 5%



The securities purchased will have a minimum issue size of:

  • USD 500 mio for US Dollar-denominated securities
  • EUR 500mio for Euro-denominated securities
  • GBP 200mio for Sterling-denominated securities
  • CHF 200mio for Swiss Franc-denominated securities

Securities of smaller issuing size might be purchased for up to 10% of the Net Asset Value. No limit is set for other currencies than mentionned above.



No currency risk is taken. Investments denominated in foreign currencies are systematically hedged back into the base currency. However a maximum tolerance of +/-3% due to market fluctuations, can be permitted.


KBR Total Return Income Fund:

Fund definition & Terms

  • Exempt compagny registered as a mutual fund with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
  • Manager: KBR Advisors SA registered with OAR-G Switzerland
  • Custodian:UBS AG, Zurich
  • Administrator: Custom House Fund Services (Ireland) Limited
  • Weekly NAV
  • Monthly factsheet and Letter to Investors
  • Auditors appointed KPMG
  • USD Dollar denominated class for the Fund
  • Minimum investment : USD 100'000
  • Minimum additional investment: USD 25'000
  • Launching Price unit: USD 100
  • Management Fee: 0.65% per annum
  • Performance Fee: 10% over US Libor 3-month +250bps


At the discretion of the Managers: minimum holding period of 6 months / earlier redemption penalty fee of up to 1%, front-end load fees of 0%-0.5%